Watch Bikini Kill play their first show for 22 years

Riot grrrl legends tear through 27-song set in Hollywood.

Bikini Kill played their first show in 22 years last night (April 25) with a 27-song show at Hollywood Palladium.

Their set began with ‘Carnival’ and ended after two encores with ‘For Tammy Rae’ at the sold-out show to 5,000 fans.

Fan-shot footage of several songs can be seen below.


It was the first of a trio of shows at the venue, with a further four shows due to take place in New York. They will then play two shows at London’s O2 Academy Brixton on June 10 and June 11. The first Brixton show is sold out, with some tickets available for June 11. The tour features new guitarist Erica Dawn Lyle, with original guitarist Billy Karren not involved in the reunion.

The band have yet to reveal if they will write and record any new material during their return. Their last album ‘Reject All American’ was released in 1996, with their break-up happening the following year.

Kathleen Hanna, Tobi Vail and Kathi Wilcox briefly reunited at New York venue The Kitchen in 2017 for a performance of ‘For Tammy Rae’ for a launch of writer Jenn Pelly’s book about The Raincoats.

Alongside the shows, both ‘Reject All American’ and Bikini Kill’s previous album, ‘Pussy Whipped’ from 1993, are being reissued on May 28. They had been deleted since 2012. Their other album is their 1991 debut, ‘Revolution Girl Style Now!’


Courtney Love slammed Bikini Kill’s reunion on Instagram earlier this year, calling it “the biggest hoax in the history of rock & roll”. Without specifying who she was referring to, Love said “Two of the band are total amateurs”, before calling Hanna “a good hypeman, but her persona is such a DIY nonsense dilettante.”

Bikini Kill’s setlist at Hollywood Palladium on April 25 was:

‘New Radio’
‘Jigsaw Youth’
‘Don’t Need You’
‘Feels Blind’
‘I Hate Danger’
‘In Accordance To Natural Law’
‘Demi Rep’
‘Reject All American’
‘Alien She’
‘No Backrub’
‘Hamster Baby’
‘Tell Me So’
‘This Is Not A Test’
‘Capri Pants’
‘Resist Psychic Death’
‘Rah! Rah! Replica’
‘Outta Me’
‘For Only’
‘Distinct Complicity’
‘Rebel Girl’
‘Lil’ Red’
‘Double Dare Ya’
‘Suck My Left One’
‘For Tammy Rae’