Watch Billie Eilish take on the ‘Hot Ones’ challenge in new video

The teen star did not hold back

Billie Eilish has appeared on the ‘Hot Ones’ challenge, trying a range of spicy foods high on the Scoville Scale.

As well as being one of the youngest guests ever to take on the ‘wings of death’, you can see Eilish battle through a range of spicy foods without too much fear. “How the fuck are you [managing]?” Eilish asked host Sean Evans, laughing, when coming up against some of the show’s hottest offerings.


In the video, Eilish also opens up more about her childhood, making music from a young age and working with her brother. You can watch the video below.

Meanwhile, Eilish addressed reported controversy over her new song ‘Wish You Were Gay’ earlier this week. The ‘Bury A Friend’ singer said that the song’s title and meaning has been misinterpreted and was meant to be a joke.

In a new interview with PopBuzz, the 17-year-old star responded to a backlash about the song (“queer-baiting”, as suggested elsewhere by

First off I want to be so clear that it’s so not supposed to be an insult. I feel like it’s been a little bit misinterpreted. I tried so hard to not make it in any way offensive,” she said.


Eilish added: “The whole idea of the song is, it’s kind of a joke. It’s kind of like, ‘I’m an ass and you don’t love me.’ And you don’t love me because you don’t love me and that’s the only reason and I wish you didn’t love me because you didn’t love girls.”

Reviewing Eilish’s gig in London this week, NME said: “It was just another transcendent moment for a once-in-a-generation star. Hold onto your beanies, arenas beckon.”