Watch Billie Joe Armstrong’s The Longshot play Green Day songs live

Fans in Oakland got a nice surprise

Billie Joe Armstrong’s The Longshot have covered three Green Day songs at a recent show in California.

The frontman’s other group were performing at the Golden Bull in Oakland on Saturday (June 8) when they treated the audience to their own versions of tracks from ‘¡Uno!’ and ‘¡Tre!’.

In a setlist that also featured covers of songs by The Ramones, The Replacements, The Rolling Stones and more, The Longshot aired their own take on Green Day’s ‘Fell For You’, ‘Missing You’, and ‘Stay The Night’. You can watch fan-shot footage of the latter two below now.


The Longshot surprise released their debut album ‘Love Is For Losers’ in April 2018. In a four-star review, NME said: “In the midst of addiction and creative exhaustion, Armstrong had an infamous onstage meltdown at the 2012 iHeartMusic Awards, but ‘Love Is For Losers’ finds him firmly in control, making his best album since ‘American Idiot’.”

The band features Green Day touring guitarist Jeff Matika on bass and vocals, alongside Kevin Preston on guitar and David S. Field on drums.

Meanwhile, Armstrong recently hinted the band could shake up their American Idiot musical by swapping the genders of the characters around. The musician shared his thoughts on the idea after attending a production of the musical at California’s Chapman College.


Green Day caused controversy in April when they announced the release of a graphic novel called Last Of The American Girls, which was billed as “an inspiring homage and handbook for the rebellious everywoman who refuses to capitulate.”

However, some fans suggested that the subject was not an appropriate one for four white men to tackle. “I’m sure this book will be inspiring and meaningful to Green Day’s fans, and no one can take that away from them,” one person wrote on Twitter. “But if you’re going to claim to empower women with your book you should probably consider the optics of having no women involved in creating it.”