Watch Blink-182 play ‘Enema Of The State’ in full to celebrate its 20th anniversary

More anniversary shows please.

Blink-182 have played ‘Enema Of The State’ in full to mark 20 years of the seminal record.

Ahead of the landmark anniversary on June 1, the pop-punk icons played the record as they headlined California’s Back To The Beach festival over the weekend.

While it meant performances of live show staples such as ‘What’s My Name Again’ and ‘All The Small Things’, the album play-through also provided fans with the chance to hear tracks that don’t usually make it into the setlist.


As well as the first performance of ‘Aliens Exist’ without former guitarist Tom DeLonge, ‘Going Away To College’ was played live for the first time in four years.

You can check out their headline show in full below.


The performance comes ahead of an expected new album from Blink later this year. With the pop-punk outfit’s follow-up to 2016’s ‘California’ due this summer, fans were given a glimpse of the LP as Travis Barker laid down a drum track earlier this month.

Late last month, Mark Hoppus told NME that the “different” LP is “a lot more aggressive” and “darker” than the band’s previous work.

“[We’re] trying to experiment more, trying different sounds, and trying to expand upon what people think Blink 182 is,” he said.

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