Watch Bonnie Tyler belt out ‘Total Eclipse Of The Heart’ during the solar eclipse

And I need you now tonight....

Last week, Bonnie Tyler announced that she was gearing up to sing ‘Total Eclipse Of The Heart’ on board a cruise ship during an actual eclipse.

And as darkness descended across America yesterday, Bonnie was true to her word – teaming up with DNCE to perform the iconic power ballad on board the Oasis of The Seas cruise ship as it sailed from Florida to the Caribbean.

Footage of the performance has now emerged online, and it shows Bonnie belting out the track while backed by the Joe Jonas fronted band. You can watch it below.


Describing the performance, Tyler previously said: “It’s going to be so exciting. It doesn’t happen very often, does it?”

It has also been responsible for a huge spike in Tyler’s record sales, with digital downloads of Total Eclipse Of The Heart rising by 503% for the week ending August 20, with 12,000 downloads in the U.S.

In contrast, it was downloaded only 2,000 times in the U.S. the week before.

During the performance, the cruise ship was reportedly positioned in “the path of totality” so Tyler’s performance was able to coincide with those aboard the Royal Caribbean vessel seeing the eclipse.

The total solar eclipse, which was visible across America, was the first to take place in the United States in 1979.


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