Watch Bono’s meeting with Trump’s VP Mike Pence

U2 frontman thanks Pence for his role in securing US AIDS relief to Africa.

U2 frontman Bono had a brief meeting with Donald Trump’s Vice President, Mike Pence, over the weekend.

The pair met at the Munich Security Conference on Saturday, Rolling Stone reports, where Bono thanked Pence for his role in helping secure US AIDS relief for Africa.

While he was an Indiana congressman, Pence supported the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), which was passed in 2003 and then renewed in 2008.

“Twice on the House floor you defended that,” Bono told Pence during their meeting. “That’s how we know you, and we really appreciate that.”

“It was an extraordinary historic accomplishment and you played a leading role in carrying it forward,” Pence replied.

During the meeting, Bono also called Pence, playfully, “The second busiest man in America.” Watch below.

Bono recently called on Pence’s colleague, Donald Trump, to show greater respect to women. “I say to the president-elect: look across to women, make equality a priority, it is the only way forward,” the U2 frontman said shortly before Trump was sworn in as President.

Bono and U2 made headlines last year after vocally opposing Donald Trump – even sampling him to criticise him during live shows.

During the election campaign, Bono also dubbed Trump “potentially the worst idea that happened to America”.