Watch a stunning new video for Jeff Buckley’s previously unreleased ‘Sky Blue Skin’

One of his most sought-after rarities

A new video for ‘Sky Blue Skin’, a previously unreleased rare demo by the late Jeff Buckley, has been shared online.

The animated clip was put together by animation studio Temple Cache, and makes use of images from sketchbooks and lyrics.

‘Sky Blue Skin’ was recorded by Buckley during his final recording session on September 13, 1996, before the musician drowned aged 27 the following year.


For years it was one of the most sought-after rarities in the musician’s back catalogue, before finally receiving a proper release as part of a huge new collection marking 25 years since the release of his only studio album ‘Grace’.

As well as the digital release in August featuring bonus tracks, more than 50 rare recordings, and four complete live albums, the acclaimed 1994 LP was reissued on gold vinyl throughout the UK.

Buckley’s two posthumous albums – ‘Sketches for My Sweetheart the Drunk’, and ‘Mystery White Boy’ have also been released with bonus tracks  and additional newly available material.

When the releases were first announced, Buckley’s mother Mary Guilbert said: “The music industry has made a couple of sea changes since Jeff departed the planet. I don’t know if he foresaw even a glimpse of the current state of affairs.


“Since all we have of his true remains is what’s in the vault, I’m thrilled that we can finally fling open the doors of that vault and make as much as possible available to Jeff’s fans: the old ones and the new ones, and the ones who have not yet been born.”

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