Watch Bring Me The Horizon’s futuristic new video for ‘Ludens’

The new video features a sci-fi theme

Bring Me The Horizon have shared a new video for their track, ‘Ludens’. You can watch it below.

Last week (November 6), the band shared the new single – which is taken from the soundtrack Timefall for the new game Death Stranding – for the first time.

Their first new material since the band’s acclaimed 2019 Number One album ‘amo‘, the track was written to accompany the new Hideo Kojima video game for the PS4. The soundtrack also features offerings from Major Lazer x Khalid,  Au/Ra x Alan Walker, The Neighbourhood, Flora Cash, MISSIO and The S.L.P., as well as Chvrches’ track ‘Death Stranding’ which was shared last month.


NME described it as a “another bold departure for Bring Me The Horizon”. You can watch the video below:

Speaking about their new material exclusively to NME, frontman Oil Sykes said: “It doesn’t sound like anything off ‘amo’, but it doesn’t sound like anything off any of our records.”

He continued: “It hits a different tone. We had to write it in five days. We’ve been talking about this with Sony and Kojima for quite a while. I was really excited because I loved Metal Gear Solid and Kojima is just my favourite developer, he’s a legend. All of the legal shit was going on to the point where we like, ‘This isn’t going to happen’.

“Then we got a call from the manager and he was like, ‘Yeah, it’s happening, but we need it within a week’. We were like, ‘We haven’t written anything yet! Can we have an extension or send them a demo as a placeholder’, and they were like, ‘If you don’t deliver the song on Saturday at 1pm then it won’t get used’.”


Sykes continued: “I wanted it to be connected to the video game, but I didn’t want to sing directly about that. I looked at Kojima’s whole ethos, went on his website, and as it was loading it came up with this thing that said, ‘We’re not homosapiens, we’re homoludens’. It’s Latin for ‘player’ and it’s all about how he believes that our creativity is our greatest asset and the biggest hope for mankind. It said something along the lines that even if all the flowers die and the world is at an endpoint, there would still be hope if there were humans on the planet because we find ways to adapt.

“We invent, we create, and even though we do all of these awful things, we also do all of these incredible things.”

Last month saw the band share the video for ‘In The Dark‘ starring Oscar-winner Forest Whitaker. Speaking to NME about how the track had taken on new meaning, Sykes said he was inspired by a younger generation demanding social and environmental change.