Watch Brittany Howard and her band deliver a fiery live version of new track ’13th Century Metal’

The song will feature on the Alabama Shakes leader's upcoming debut solo album, 'Jaime'

Brittany Howard has shared a live performance of her new track ‘13th Century Metal’ – scroll down to watch it below now.

The Alabama Shakes frontwoman and guitarist is set to release her debut solo album ‘Jaime’ on Friday (September 20), with ‘13th Century Metal’ featured on the tracklist.

In the Danny Clinch-directed clip, Howard and her backing band deliver a fiery version of the song, with her given an impassioned recitation of the mostly spoken-word lyrics. “If you want to change, you can change,” she says at one point. “But you’ve gotta try and give it the love.” Watch the video below now.


Howard brought her solo music to the UK for the first time last month, performing a one-off show at London’s EartH.

In June, the musician revealed the solo record was named in tribute to her late sister who died of cancer when the two were still teenagers. “The title is in memoriam, and she definitely did shape me as a human being,” she said in a press release. “But, the record is not about her. It’s about me. I’m pretty candid about myself and who I am and what I believe. Which is why I needed to do it on my own.”

Meanwhile, Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Terry Crews starred in a video for ‘Stay High’ earlier this summer. The actor portrayed a construction worker who lip-syncs along with the single as he goes about his day, while Howard appears as a supermarket cashier and other characters along the way.