Watch Brockhampton’s Kevin Abstract tease new project with another new trailer

This is the second short video clip posted to his Twitter page in just over a week

Brockhampton’s Kevin Abstract has shared another new trailer for what could potentially be a new project.

The Texan rapper and singer has previously released two solo albums – 2014’s ‘MTV1987’ and 2016’s ‘American Boyfriend: A Suburban Love Story’.

Last week (March 27), Abstract shared a short video clip on his Twitter page for what many believe to be a new project. The sentences “Teach me Empathy”, “Teach me how to feel”, and “ARIZONA baby” are shown in between shots of someone jumping off the roof of a house into a swimming pool, Abstract taking off his shirt, flexing his bicep, and sitting in the back of a car.


In the early hours of this morning (April 4), Abstract shared a new 47-second clip that once again opened with the words “Teach me Empathy” and ended with “ARIZONA baby.”

In the clip, the Brockhampton star is seen climbing a ladder on the side of a house while spitting over the top of a different instrumental to the one featured in the previous teaser video, complete with a beat change half way through. Watch the new clip below:

It is currently unclear what the videos are for. A couple of weeks ago (March 20), the rapper posted an image on his Twitter page that looked like an album cover. The photo had a Parental Advisory – Explicit Content sticker in the bottom right corner, prompting speculation that the star is preparing to release a new solo record.


Meanwhile, last month Brockhampton were nominated for Best International Group at the 2019 BRIT Awards. Speaking to NME on the red carpet, they refused to say much about their next album but said it was “not going to be what anyone expects.”

Last year, Abstract spoke about how he wanted to be considered an icon, rather than a queer icon. “In order to make a change, I have to exist in a traditionally homophobic space such as hip-hop,” he said. “If I were to just be this queer rapper, who only spoke to queer kids… I don’t think I could as effectively make a change for another young, black queer kid growing up in Texas.”

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