Watch Cardi B and Bruno Mars in stylish new video for ‘Please Me’

The video dropped on social media earlier this evening

Cardi B and Bruno Mars have released a stylish new video for ‘Please Me’ as part of their latest collaboration together.

The song, which dropped last month (February 15), sees the pair delivering a slow jam that harks back to the days of steamy 90s’ RnB’. Now, the pair have released a video to accompany their latest duet.

The release from Cardi B and Mars follows on from their last collaboration together where the two worked on their ‘Finesse (Remix’) video together – a tribute to the nineties television series, In Living Colour.


Their latest video sees the two engaging in some risqué dancing in a diner and later on in the streets of Los Angeles. You can watch the new video below:

Writing about the track earlier this month, NME wrote: “As we’ve come to expect from the newly crowned Grammy-winning artist, she doesn’t shy away from putting it all out there. This time, that takes the form of telling her man exactly how their night is going to go down, beginning with “twerkin’ in some J’s on the dancefloor” before moving things to the bedroom.

“Because this is Cardi, her first verse is littered with background “eeowwws”, like a chorus of amped-up cats ready to get it on. If that isn’t enough peak Cardi for you, then maybe the closing lines of the second verse will be. In them, she honours her Hispanic roots (her dad’s side of her family is from the Dominican Republic) while boasting about her sexual superiority.” 


It’s also the first new music to emerge from Cardi B since she triumphed at the Grammys last weekend – becoming the first female solo artist to pick up the Best Rap Album award.

Despite making history as the first ever solo female artist to win the Best Rap album Grammy, she also faced a backlash from a selection of critics who claimed that she didn’t deserve the accolade.

In the wake of the criticism, she received support from Lady Gaga – who hailed her as “brave.”