Watch Cardi B stroke a fluffy pillow and whisper for over 13 minutes in this new ASMR video

Cardi B is a fan of AMSR - Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response

Cardi B has made an ASMR – Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response – video in which she speaks about her hit ‘Bodack Yellow’ and motherhood whilst whispering.

ASMR is a trend currently sweeping YouTube and sees people whispering into microphones in an attempt to produce sounds that soothe.

You can watch the video, made as part of a session with Magazine, here:



The 13-minute video sees the star talking about her own experiences of ASMR as well as describing what motherhood is like following the birth of her daughter earlier this year. Cardi B also talks about her breakout hit ‘Bodak Yellow’ in the video.

As well as whispering, Cardi B can also be seen stroking a fuzzy rug and playing with a children’s toy, all of which are meant to add to the overall sensory experience of ASMR.

Meanwhile, Nicki Minaj revealed new merchandise that pokes fun at Cardi B earlier this month (October 6) escalating the tension between the two rappers.

The ongoing feud was reignited last month when Cardi B and Nicki Minaj got into a fight at a New York Fashion Week event. The ‘Bodak Yellow’ rapper later posted a note on Instagram aimed at Minaj, saying that she was purposely targeting Cardi B’s career.

“I let you sneak diss me, I let you lie on me, I let you attempt to stop my bags, f**k up the way I eat,” Cardi B wrote. Minaj denied the accusations on her Beats 1 radio show Queen Radio but has now revealed a line of shirts, backpacks and jackets emblazoned with the slogan ‘Nicki stopped my bag’.

In September, Cardi B was arrested and charged on suspicion of assault and reckless endangerment at a New York strip club. She also recently spoke out to deny responsibility for posting a transphobic meme on her Facebook page.

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