Watch Charli XCX have fun with a green screen in new ‘Claws’ video

Quarantine isn't stopping the pop star from creating

Charli XCX has shared the video for latest track ‘Claws’ – scroll down the page to watch it now.

The pop star is currently working on a new album, ‘how I’m feeling now’, during the coronavirus quarantine. ‘Claws’ is set to appear on the record, which will be released this month.

The video opens with XCX asking her boyfriend and the clip’s cameraman Huck Kwong: “OK video shoot, are you excited to shoot?” After he responds, she replies: “Me too.”


Directed by the star and Charlotte Rutherford, the video sees XCX utilise a green screen to create new worlds from her basement. At various points, she is seen in front of a rainbow over a waterfall or a crowd of people crossing a busy street, performing as a severed head or accompanied by a metallic snake.


The video ends with shots of XCX scootering down the street in LA before returning to the green screen to make out with Kwong. The closing scene was, according to XCX, “inspired by Camila [Cabello] and Shawn [Mendes]”. Watch the video above now.

‘how I’m feeling now’ is due to be released on May 15. Speaking in a recent interview, the musician said she would be “really struggling” in lockdown if she didn’t have a project to focus on.


“I’d be really, really struggling,” she said. “Binge-watching TV and being actually quite sad.”

XCX had previously announced she would make a new album from scratch on a Zoom call with fans. “The nature of this album is gonna be very indicative of the times just because I’m only gonna be able to use the tools I have at my fingertips to create all music, all artwork, all videos… everything – in that sense, it’ll be very DIY,” she told them.