Watch Chris Hemsworth cover Johnny Cash’s ‘Hurt’ as ‘Fat Thor’

The feels.

Chris Hemsworth has shared a clip that sees him getting into the character of Fat Thor in the most unlikely of ways.

The Avengers star appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, where he explained how a performance of Johnny Cash‘s ‘Hurt’ helped him tap into the character’s battles with depression.

In the final instalment of the Marvel franchise, Thor is seen packing a few extra pounds after the events of the snap forced him to retreat to New Asgard.


Sharing his emotional performance of the Nine Inch Nails cover, Hemsworth explained: “I didn’t know if I was ever going to show it because it was in the trailer and in between a few takes.”

He then tells Fallon that he chose the track because it is “the saddest song in the world”.

Despite the unexpected emotional toll of the performance, Hemsworth is also able to see the funny side of Thor’s weight gain too.

Earlier this month, the Marvel star shared an advert created by one fan, which explained how the God of Thunder got a little bit chunky. The mocked up weight-gain advert offers “Asgard’s #1 selling weight-GAIN regimen” and shows a before and after shot of Thor with his formerly muscular body featuring alongside the fuller figure he sported at the end of the final Avengers instalment.


Hemsworth also recently reunited with co-star Tom Holland to trade insults in a new video.

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