Watch conservative Christian politician Mike Huckabee play Korn’s ‘Blind’ with Brian ‘Head’ Welch

The most truly baffling performance of 2019 has arrived

Mike Huckabee, a two-time US presidential candidate, the former governor of Arkansas and a staunch conservative Christian has performed the strangest duet of 2019, teaming up with Korn‘s Brian ‘Head’ Welch,

Welch and his daughter Jennea were appearing on Huckabee’s TV show to promote their new documentary Loud Krazy Love, when the host reminded Welch that last time they had met he had promised they’d jam.

The unconventional pair then blasted through a rendition of Korn’s 1994 classic ‘Blind’. You can see the bizarre footage below.

They’re not quite as unlikely a duo as it may seem. Huckabee has been playing bass guitar since the age of 12, and performs in a rock covers band called The Capital Offense’.

Welch, meanwhile, is a born-again Christian. He converted to the religion in 2005, and released his first Christian rock album ‘Save Me From Myself’ in 2008.

He left Korn shortly after his conversion, but rejoined them for a one-off performance in 2012. Welch is now back in the band full-time. The documentary Loud Krazy Love follows his experiences of religion and fatherhood.

Meanwhile, Korn are working on their thirteenth album, their first new LP since 2016’s The Serenity Of Suffering. Back in December, Welch said “fans are going to be pleasantly surprised by the album” and added that the band have “some amazing tricks up our sleeves.”