Watch the controversial video for Rammstein’s new single ‘Radio’

Nudity, masturbation and sinister soldiers: it's all going on in the metal overlords' latest video.

Rammstein have released new single ‘Radio’, the second track to preview their first new album for 10 years.

The controversial video for ‘Radio’ can be seen below. It’s directed by Jorn Heitmann, who has worked with the band before.

The black-and-white video sees the band perform the song in a music hall. As soldiers march down the street, the song blares from old-fashioned wireless radios. Women are depicted masturbating with the radios, with one woman trying to suckle a radio to her naked breast.


At the climax of the video, the soldiers try to break up Rammstein’s performance by hitting them with batons. With a forcefield protecting the band, the soldiers give up and instead perform a dance routine to the song.

‘Radio’ follows first single ‘Deutschland’ as previewing their new self-titled album ‘Rammstein’, which is released on May 24. It’s their first new album since 2009’s Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da.

‘Rammstein’ is produced by the band with their regular producer Olsen Involtini.

When the album was announced in March, Rammstein were criticised in their native Germany for including Holocaust imagery in a teaser video. Charlotte Knobloch, former president of The Central Council For Jews in Germany, told the newspaper Bild: “The band has crossed a line with this video. The instrumentation and trivialisation of the Holocaust, as shown in their imagery, is irresponsible.” Felix Klein, the German government’s commissioner for anti-semitism, said:  “I think it’s a tasteless exploitation of artistic freedom.”


The band didn’t respond to the criticism.