Watch Corey Feldman lose a tooth while performing and stop show to look for it

'Goonies' actor still finished the show

Last night saw Corey Feldman lose a tooth while performing at a gig in Milwaukee, then proceeding to pause the show to look for it.

Former child star Feldman – famous for his roles in ’80s films The Goonies, Stand by Me and The Lost Boys – made headlines last year after a polarising musical performance on the Today Show. The bizarre performance of ‘Go 4 It’ with his band Corey’s Angels led to much derision online.

The Milwaukee Record now reports that Feldman’s concert in the Wisconsin city on Wednesday night (June 28) saw the actor-turned-musician take to the stage over a hour late and then, 30 minutes into the show, lose a tooth after hitting himself in the mouth with his microphone.


According to the report, Feldman exited the stage before returning and spending “a good chunk of time” searching for said missing tooth, which a fan eventually found. Feldman then proceeded to finish the show.

Footage of the incident has since been posted online (watch below) and shows Feldman being asked if everything was “okay”, to which he replies: “Not really”, before explaining that he went backstage to “fix” his problem.

Feldman’s fifth album ‘Angelic 2 the Core’ was released last June. It was recorded over a ten year period, featured 22 songs and included guest spots from Snoop Dogg and Fred Durst, as well as a John Lennon cover.