Watch Courtney Love and Melissa Auf der Maur play classic Hole songs at tribute event

The former bandmates reunited at an event honouring Love in upstate New York

Courtney Love and Melissa Auf der Maur performed a number of Hole classics together last night (October 27) as they reunited onstage at a special tribute event.

Auf der Maur co-directed a concert honouring her former Hole bandmate’s work in music at Basilica Hudson, the art space the bassist co-founded in Hudson, New York. Michael Stipe, Chloë Sevigny, The National‘s Aaron Dessner, and more all appeared at the event.

Love and Auf der Maur played three Hole songs during the course of the night, according to reports – ‘Doll Parts’, ‘Miss World’, and ‘Softer Softest’. The pair were backed by a band made up of young women from Woodstock’s Rock Academy. Watch footage of the performance below.


“Our future lies in their hands,” Love said of the young musicians at one point. Auf der Maur added: “[Love told me earlier] ‘My destiny lies in the hands of 16-year-old girls’, and I said, ‘Yes it does.'”

Before the event, Auf der Maur called Love “one of the most misunderstood, wild card, strange individuals.” “They just wrote her off as a crazy bitch,” she said of people’s attitudes to the star following her husband Kurt Cobain‘s death. “That’s not OK. In the ’90s, there was much less of an understanding of how complicated people are complicated for a reason and they deserve a lot more compassion.


“I watched her be burned at the stake. How many people get accused of murdering their husband when they’re left with their daughter? It’s just unacceptable. I’ve always defended her in terms of any of that negative stuff.”

Earlier this year, Love joined Smashing Pumpkins onstage during their 30th-anniversary show in New Jersey. Deftones‘ Chino Moreno, AFI‘s Davey Havok, and New Order‘s Peter Hook were also among those to appear that night.

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