Watch Creeper’s track-by-track guide to ‘Sex, Death & The Infinite Void’

Will Gould goes deep on their acclaimed new record

Creeper have shared a track-by-track video guide of their acclaimed new album, ‘Sex, Death & The Infinite Void‘. Watch it exclusively first on NME above.

Hailed by NME as “a bombastic, goth rock epic that’s as theatrical and sweeping as a batwing lace sleeve”, the Southampton band’s second record is currently in the race for Number One album this week after landing at Number Two in the midweek charts behind Fontaines D.C.

For a deep dive into the album, Creeper frontman Will Gould has recorded a video guide explaining the creation of and inspiration behind each and every song on the album.


Creeper (Picture: Press)

“This is not a punk record,” Gould told NME last year of the album. “We made it in Hollywood. It’s not a record that’s been made in someone’s garage. These are big, theatrical goth rock songs. I’m really proud of the decisions we made to do that, too. I’ve been really proud of my band recently. They’ve been very strong in the face of a lot of difficult hardship. We’re a tough lot really, Creeper. Even when I’ve not been able to be tough, the rest of the band have been tough.”

He continued: “We made an incredible body of work that’s really ambitious. Some people aren’t going to get it and I’m completely fine with that. Some people are going to fucking love it, though. We have not done the easy thing here. It’s genuinely interesting, varied and different, and it doesn’t sound like our old records. It’s been a real whirlwind to get to that point.”

‘Sex, Death & The Infinite Void’ is out now. The band recently shared their rescheduled and upgraded UK tour dates for 2021, as well as announcing three special hometown shows for December.