Watch crowd chant ‘fuck Nickelback’ during Stone Sour performance

Chad Kroeger recently referred to Corey Taylor's band as "Nickelback Lite"

Stone Sour fans have made their feelings clear about Nickelback at the former’s recent Chicago performance.

Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger recently engaged in a war of words with Stone Sour members Corey Taylor and Josh Rand, calling them “Nickelback Lite”.

Fans of the Iowa heavy metal band voiced their opinion during the 2017 Chicago Open Air Festival this weekend (July 16), chanting “Fuck Nickelback!” during Stone Sour’s performance.


As Loudwire reports, the chant occurred when the rest of the band walked off stage to leave Taylor to sing ballad ‘Bother’.

“You guys are fucking insane,” said Taylor. “Come on, get it out of your system, make some fucking noise out there. Beautiful, crazy bitches. I’ll tell you what, we’re going to play you a ‘non-hit song.’”

He added, before playing the next song: “What a dick.” Watch footage of the moment above.

Kroeger also recently hit out at Taylor’s other band, Slipknot. “They had to put on masks and jump around,” he said. “How good can your music be if you’ve got to beat each other up on stage, throw up in your own masks every night?”

Taylor responded, saying Kroeger was “to rock what KFC is to chicken.” “Is that wrong?” he added. “I feel like I’m not wrong… I’ll still eat it but I’m not gonna feel good about it.”



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