Watch The Cure’s blistering ‘Disintegration’ performance from upcoming ‘CURÆTION-25’ anniversary release

Relive the band's epic Meltdown set from London's Royal Festival Hall

The Cure have shared a taster of their hotly-anticipated upcoming ‘CURÆTION-25’ release with a video of their performance of the classic ‘Disintegration from London’s Meltdown Festival last year. Check it out below.

To cap off Robert Smith’s curation of Meltdown last year, The Cure closed the event with two sets. The first was called ‘From There to Here’ and saw them play one song from each of their 13 studio albums in chronological order, the second set saw them play another 13 but in the reverse order.

Now, the CURÆTION-25 set will be released along with their 40th anniversary Hyde Park gig, on October 18 as either a limited edition boxset (2Blu-ray/2DVD + 4CD’s) or regular hardbook (2Blu-ray/2DVD).


Check out the band’s performance from the title track from their classic 1989 album ‘Disintegration’ below.

Meanwhile, Smith recently exclusively told NME that they were looking to finish their “merciless” new album in 2019 – 11 years after predecessor ‘4:13 Dream’.

“I feel intent on it being a 2019 release and would be extremely bitter if it isn’t,” Smith told NME. “At some point I will have to say ‘this is it’, otherwise we’ll just keep recording like we have done in the past. It never gets any better. We’re due one more session then we’re done.”

He continued: “I think I’m generally more of a balanced individual than I was 10 years ago. I’ve experienced more of life’s darker side, for real.

“Before I used to write about stuff that I thought I understood. Now I know I understand it. The lyrics I’ve been writing for this album, for me personally, are more true. They’re more honest. That’s probably why the album itself is a little bit more doom and gloom. I feel I want to do something that expresses the darker side of what I’ve experienced over the last few years – but in a way that will engage people.”


He added: “Some of the albums like ‘Pornography’ and ‘Disintegration’ are kind of relentless. I levelled ‘Disintegration’ with some songs like ‘Lullaby’ and ‘Lovesong’, but I think this one is more like ‘Pornography’ because it hasn’t got any of those songs that lighten the mood at all.”

The Cure perform at Glasgow’s Summer Sessions this Friday with Mogwai and The Twilight Sad.