Watch Danny Elfman’s outlandish music video for new single ‘Kick Me’

A thrashy new cut from the American composer

American composer Danny Elfman has released a thrashy new single titled ‘Kick Me’, with an outlandish music video to match.

Released yesterday (March 11), the Petros Papahadjopoulos-directed clip opens with a seizure warning before featuring a shirtless Elfman standing against a black backdrop, his body repeatedly lit up by X-RAY vision as he screams “kick me I’m a celebrity”.

This footage is interspersed with fleshy, CGI creatures reminiscent of orcs from Lord Of The Rings or lumpy, onscreen aliens. Check out the madness below:


Speaking of the track’s creation in a press statment, Elfman said “I was feeling particularly mellow one day last summer”.

“I decided to write this very chill song for everyone who wants to put something on that will really help them zone out and relax,” he joked.

In addition to Elfman’s vocals, the track also features The Vandals’ Josh Freese and Warren Fitzgerald on drums and guitar respectively, Stu Brooks on bass, percussion by Sidney Hopson and Joe Martone, as well as strings by the Lyris Quartet.

Elfman returned with his first solo piece of work in October 2020, titled ‘Happy’. He followed up with ‘Sorry’ at the start of this year and ‘Love In The Time Of Covid’ just last month, with the intent of releasing a new track on the 11th of each month indefinitely.

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