Watch Dave Grohl deal with a stage invader in the best way possible

A masterclass...

Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl had the perfect reaction after an excited fan invaded the stage during a performance in Perth over the weekend.

As they closed their NIB Stadium set with ‘Everlong’, Foo Fighters fan Jevon made his way on stage – and headed straight to give Grohl a hug.

But rather than being startled by the exchange, Grohl immediately reciprocated the hug – before jokingly telling Jevon to “get the fuck off my stage”.


After Jevon left, Grohl continued to dedicate the track to him – offering several shout outs to “Jevon with a J” as he brought the show to a close.

Check out footage of the moment in question below.

Meanwhile, it was recently announced that Foo Fighters will return to the UK next month for their debut performance at the Brit Awards.

“How the fuck have we never played at The BRIT Awards before!?!?!” Dave Grohl said of the honour.

“We’ve had a ton of firsts over in the UK – from our first festival (Reading ’95) to our first headlining arena tour (2002) to our first stadium tour (2008) – you guys have always been so good to us.


“Why not add 2018 Brit awards to the list??!?!? Let’s make some noise.”