Watch Donald Trump quote DJ Khaled during Iowa rally speech

Did the US President purposely incorporate lyrics from Khaled's 2010 hit 'All I Do Is Win'?

Donald Trump appeared to quote DJ Khaled during a speech this week.

As Billboard points out, the US President was speaking at a rally in Iowa on Wednesday night (June 21) when he echoed words similar to the lyrics from Khaled’s 2010 hit ‘All I Do Is Win’.

“We are making such incredible progress. We are making progress like nobody can believe,” Trump said. “These people [the media] are being driven crazy. They have a phoney witch hunt going against me and you know what: all we do is win, win, win.”

Watch beneath:

DJ Khaled recently spoke to NME when he gave his opinion on Trump. He said of Trump’s Muslim travel ban: “When someone tries to do ignorant stuff, you have to come together and show love. That’s what I loved about the world, everyone came together and wasn’t with that. I’m not with that. We all came together, held hands and said ‘no, that’s not right’. Every colour, every nationality came together to show love. That’s what’s so beautiful about love. Look at the power of love.There’s right and there’s wrong and love is always right. Love is always going to win.”

Khaled added: “I represent love, peace and happiness and joy and being great. Anything negative comes my way, I’m gonna [send] a burst of love [back], that’s my shield.”

DJ Khaled’s new album ‘Grateful’ is out on Friday (June 23).