Drake releases two new songs in celebration of Toronto Raptors NBA win

They're here!

Drake has released two new songs, as promised, after his beloved Raptors team became the first Canadian side ever to win the NBA Championship. You can check them out below.

Footage emerged of a rather happy Drizzy celebrating on Friday (June 14) as the streets of Toronto filled with Drake tunes, sirens, car horns and chants according to Toronto residents, who are celebrating the sporting victory.

Drake promised fans he would release two new songs in honour of the win – and now these have arrived. ‘The Best In The World Pack’ features ‘Omertà’ and ‘Money in the Grave’, the later featuring Rick Ross. You can stream the songs below, and check out footage of Drake’s celebrations.

Money In The Grave (Drake ft. Rick Ross)

Money In The Grave (Drake ft. Rick Ross), a song by Drake, Rick Ross on Spotify


Omertà, a song by Drake on Spotify


Drake Raptors win NBA Championship

Drake became a global ambassador for The Raptors in 2013 and has been seen on the sidelines of many games, on occasion getting told off for getting too animated during the match.

“This is poetic, you just gotta watch it happen,” Drake said in an emotional interview after the game. “The 6 in six, Kyle Lowry with the ring, Kawhi Leonard bringing in chips to the city… I want my chips with the dip, that’s all I know.”

“We did this off of heart, we did this off of love. We willed this into existence. We manifested this,” he declared. He also invited the internet to “make memes out of this.” Watch the footage of the interview, as captured by NBA Canada editor Carlan Gay:

Drake’s announced just how far he was going the extra mile to celebrate the Raptors’ win. He announced on Instagram that he would drop two new songs: “THE CHIP TO THE 6!!!!!!!!!!!!” he enthused in his post.

Congratulations Raptors.