Watch a drunk fan rush the stage and rub up against Celine Dion

She handled it like a pro

Celine Dion has gone viral after her professional response when a fan rushed the stage and rubbed up against her. Watch footage of the incident below.

The incident took place at a show in Las Vegas last week, when the woman walked up to Celine during her performance. She then explained that her son had recently had a bone marrow transplant and she wanted everyone in the crowd to be a donor.

Dion then held back security from removing her from the stage as she paid tribute to the woman’s efforts.


“Let me tell you something, I’m glad you came up on stage tonight,” said Dion. “I thought you just wanted to come closer to me, but you know what? I’m glad you came closer to me.”

The woman then proceeded to lift up her leg and rub up against Dion, as well as snarl against security and sing.

“You know what? We’ve got babies that we love, and we’re going to fight for them,” Celine continued. “And we’re wearing gold, that’s a sign.”

They then embraced before professing their love for one another and Celine helped her from the stage towards security.

After the woman had left the stage, Dion added: “You know what? Some people go through a lot, and some people need to talk. I want to say thank you to all of you, because for maybe five minutes we had given this lady a moment to talk.”


Dion also made headlines last year when a bizarre video emerged of her performing an EDM remix of ‘My Heart Will Go On’ with Steve Aoki.