Watch Ed Sheeran sing ‘Lego House’ outside a Lego shop in Minnesota

The singer-songwriter performed his 2011 hit during a shift as a "brick specialist"

Ed Sheeran performed an intimate rendition of ‘Lego House’ outside a Lego store in Minneapolis, Minnesota this weekend.

The singer-songwriter is currently Stateside for his North American ‘+ – = ÷ x Tour’ (‘Mathematics’ tour)‘, where he is also playing 14 intimate dates for the simultaneous ‘Subtract’ tour on the way.

Sheeran’s latest stop saw him help out at the Mall Of America yesterday (August 12) to work as a “brick specialist”.


During his shift, he assisted customers, signed autographs and performed his 2011 hit ‘Lego House’ with his acoustic guitar outside the store. Find footage of the impromptu gig below.


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♬ original sound – nicole

Sheeran’s stop at the Lego store comes after footage emerged of Lana Del Rey working a shift at a Waffle House in Alabama.

In one video, the star is seen handing a customer their beverage from behind the counter while wearing a blue Waffle House uniform and yellow name badge.

Meanwhile, last month Eminem joined Sheeran onstage during his show at Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan – the rap icon’s hometown.


Sheeran began to play a cover of 2002 hit ‘Lose Yourself’ from the 8 Mile Soundtrack before Eminem emerged onto the stage.

Ed Sheeran
Ed Sheeran. Credit: Theo Wargo/Getty Images

The duo then performed Eminem’s 2000 track ‘Stan’, with Sheeran filling in for Dido‘s parts.

Sheeran had previously credited Eminem with helping him “cure” his childhood stutter.

Elsewhere, Sheeran recently opened up about his thoughts on the use of artificial intelligence in music, calling the technology “weird”.

“What I don’t understand about AI is like, for the last 60 years, Hollywood movies have been telling you, ‘Don’t do it’. And now everyone’s doing it,” the musician said during an interview with Audacy, which took place at the Hard Rock Hotel in New York City. “And I’m just like, ‘Have you not seen the movies where they kill us all?’”

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