Watch Ed Sheeran sing ‘Tiny Dancer’ with Elton John, Courteney Cox and Brandi Carlile

The musician dedicated the rendition to Lisa Kudrow, copying a famous lyrical misquote by her 'Friends' character Phoebe

Ed Sheeran has dedicated a rendition of Elton John’s ‘Tiny Dancer’ to Friends star Lisa Kudrow, on which he was joined by John, Courteney Cox and Brandi Carlile.

In the first episode of season three of the hit US sitcom – titled ‘The One With The Princess Leia Fantasy’ – Kudrow’s character Phoebe claimed the most romantic song ever was “the one Elton John wrote for that guy in Who’s The Boss”. When asked by Rachel what song it was, she sang: “Hold me close, young Tony Danza.”

“Lisa Kudrow, this is for you,” Sheeran said as he introduced the casual performance. Sheeran and Carlile played acoustic guitar for the version, while Cox joined in on piano.


After the rendition came to a messy end, Sheeran addressed the camera again. “Whatever, whatever!” he said. Tony Danza, we did it! We did it!” Watch the video below now.

Last month, the British singer-songwriter joined up with Cox to recreate a famous dance routine created by Ross and Monica on Friends. The actor uploaded a video of her and Sheeran doing the moves from season six episode ‘The One With The Routine’, which sees Ross and Monica appear as extras on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve, on her Instagram page.

Cox recently reunited with the rest of the Friends cast for the show’s long-awaited and much-delayed reunion.

Reviewing Friends: The Reunion, NME said: “For the most part, it’s a shameless nostalgia fest with little point or purpose. Yet amid the oh-so-carefully planned set pieces are a few honest bits that fans will love.


The Reunion’s closing minutes are equally poignant, building up to another tear-stained goodbye – and Cox promising (with emphasis) that this is indeed the final on-screen Friends farewell. Thankfully a dinner date is mooted, as long as it’s away from the cameras. Can someone book a table for 17 years’ time?”

Meanwhile, Sheeran is set to perform his new single at TikTok’s UEFA Euro 2020 event. The gig will only be available to stream on his TikTok page and will take place on June 25.

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