Watch Ed Sheeran and Stormzy interview each other

Pair talk first crushes, socks with sandals and more

Ed Sheeran and Stormzy have interviewed each other in a new video for Noisey. Watch below.

During the 11 minute chat, the pair discuss a wide range of topics, such as first crushes, socks with sandals, getting underwear thrown at them, falling asleep during sex, sliding into DMs and seeing memes of themselves.

Watch their Noisey ‘Back & Forth’ interview below:

Stormzy is set to release his debut album ‘Gang Signs & Prayer’ on Friday (February 24). He recently announced an upcoming UK and Ireland tour.

Speaking to The Guardian, Stormzy recently said: “This album is good, this is incredible, this is heartfelt, this has been put together so well, so strategically, so neatly, so creatively – so respect me the same way you’re going to respect a Frank Ocean or an Adele.”

“I find it strange and uncomfortable to aim for anything less than the greatest,” he says. “That doesn’t even make sense for me, that. If I was going to be an engineer or I was going to be a baker or I was going to be a fireman, why would I not aim to eventually be the greatest at my job? I’ve never understood why I should just try and be the best rapper in London, or even the best rapper in the UK. I don’t want to be the best rapper in the UK. I want to be the best artist in the UK.”

Ed Sheeran, meanwhile, will release third album ‘÷’ in March. Watch Sheeran’s recent Little Mix cover here.

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