Watch Eddie Vedder join The Strokes to perform ‘Juicebox’ and Pearl Jam’s ‘Hard To Imagine’


Eddie Vedder joined forces with The Strokes over the weekend as they headlined California’s Ohana Festival.

The festival, which is curated by the Pearl Jam frontman, kicked off with a headlining performance from the New York band. Midway through the set, they were joined by Vedder for an epic cover of Pearl Jam’s ‘Hard To Imagine’, before topping it off with their own take on The Strokes’ very own ‘Juicebox’.

“Julian [Casablancas] asked if I would join the fellas here. One of the reasons I accepted is because it would give me the opportunity to thank all the great artists here today, especially The Strokes,” Vedder told fans.


He then went on to dedicate ‘Hard To Imagine’ to gun control activists in the US.

“They’ve asked to do a version of this song, and I’d like to dedicate it to all the people in Everytown, Moms Demand Action, and Students Demand Action, who are working so hard for common sense gun law,” said Vedder.

“Respect the right of ownership, but also preserve our right to feel safe in our towns, our communities, our schools, and our homes. We will persevere!”

At the beginning of September, The Strokes guitarist Nick Valensi seemingly teased that their long awaited sixth album is on the way.


The New York indie outfit’s last album ‘Comedown Machine’ was released back in 2013, which was followed by the 2016 ‘Future Present Past’ EP.

When interviewed on Out of the Box, the host told Valensi he claimed to have inside information that the album was complete and currently at the mixing stage.

“Wow, you heard that?” Valensi replied. “Who told you that?”

With the host stating that the info came from a “reliable source”, the musician said: “Well, it must be true then.” Pressed on “when” or “if” we’ll hear the record, Valensi responded: “When, I don’t know. If – I would say, a strong likelihood.”

Over the summer, The Strokes headlined All Points East festival at London’s Victoria Park for their first show in the UK since 2015. They also topped the bill at Ireland’s Electric Picnic festival at the end of last month