KoRn’s new docuseries on ‘The Nothing’ kicks off with episode 1

Watch the first episode now

KoRn have released the first episode of their new docuseries that charts the making of their latest album, ‘The Nothing’, and its subsequent tour.

The docuseries, each episode of which will air over the course of the next fortnight, will give fans insight into the band’s creative processes over the last two years. It will also show stage-side footage filmed during the band’s 2019 high-tech production tour.

“Every night the crowd is just in awe and they’re wild,” lead guitar/backing vocalist Brian Welch says in episode 1, which dropped yesterday (December 9).


Elsewhere in the clip the band touch on the grief suffered by singer Jonathan Davis, who lost his wife Devan in 2018. Footage of the band performing ‘You’ll Never Find Me’, the lead single off ‘The Nothing’ in which Davis writes about his loss, is interspersed with commentary by the band.

At one moment Davis explains how performing the song live affects him. “It’s nuts, it’s very emotional. Sometimes I break down at the end,” he says. “Shit still hurts, I went through a lot.,” he says.

In an interview with NME earlier this year Davis spoke about the hope he’s found amid times of darkness.

“I think all of the positive stuff I’ve done for kids with Korn has meant I’ve had to live the life I’ve led. I lost my wife, my son has type one diabetes, I’ve had shit thing after shit thing happen in my life. But that has resulted in some real good elsewhere. And I’m lucky man. Life is a fucking gift. People would give their fucking nuts to be me. I don’t feel sorry for myself, it’s just how it is…”


In other news, Korn were recently announced for the 2020 edition of Download Festival.