Watch fan nail ‘This Charming Man’ on guitar after being invited on stage by Johnny Marr


Brilliant footage has captured the moment when a Johnny Marr fan nailed ‘This Charming Man’ after being invited on-stage by the guitar legend.

Marr was performing at Exeter’s Lemon Grove last Friday (June 28) when he noticed a sign being held by a fan called George – which asked if he could play the seminal Smiths track.

“What’s that, you want to play ‘This Charming Man’?,”asked Marr.


“You just want me to play it? He want to play it! What if it’s terrible?”

“Let’s put it to the test. I’ve got a feeling this is going to end up very, very bad.”

“First off, have you got a guitar with you?,” he added.

“Second off, why can’t you play (Marr’s solo tracks) Easy Money or The Tracers, dude?”

After playing on his “nice guy” reputation and dismissing the fan’s request with a warm “fuck off”, Marr then eventually relents and invites George to take the stage.


Far from the disaster that Marr feared, George then goes on to deliver a near-perfect rendition of the track.

The performance at the intimate Exeter venue came ahead of Marr’s performance at Glastonbury on Saturday – where he caught up with NME.

Praising the festival’s diverse line-up, Marr said: “It’s really nice to know and to see that guitars and melody are still on the agenda. Quite often there’s a debate going into Glastonbury about guitar music, EDM and all of that and it can all get a little bit hysterical. From what I see, Glastonbury is big enough for all kinds of music. For the UK festival-goer and UK music fan, maybe their minds are big enough for all kinds of music. I kind of think we’ve got to that point, really.”