Watch Father John Misty cover U2’s ‘Beautiful Day’ on bongos

See the brief clip now

Father John Misty has uploaded a short cover of U2‘s ‘Beautiful Day’.

The folk singer plays bongos in the brief clip, which sees him and his band in the studio of French radio station France Inter. Watch below.

“Oh shit jazz imposters are back,” one fan wrote on Twitter, referring to the musician’s spoof jazz duo.

Meanwhile, Father John Misty recently extended his congratulations to Fleet Foxes on the release their first new release since he left he band five years ago, calling ‘Crack-Up’ “an incredible album.”

The former Fleet Foxes drummer left the group in 2012, explaining years later that “We all started hating each other.” Last year, Fleet Foxes frontman Robin Pecknold briefly explained the pair’s relationship in a Reddit AMA, calling it “fully deteriorated” by the time Josh Tillman left the band but adding he was “happy [Josh] is doing his thing”.

Earlier this year, in a fan Q&A on Twitter, Tillman wrote that the new Fleet Foxes song ‘Third of May / Odaigahara’ “made me cry honest to god” and added in another: “R[obin]P[ecknold]’s one in a mill“.

Last week (June 16) on the release of their new album, Tillman added further praise to the band’s new music, writing on Twitter: “Congratulations to my friends today… a group of people I love and miss.” He also described their new album’s penultimate track ‘I Should See Memphis’ as “a stunner”.