Watch Father Johny Misty debut unreleased ‘A Star Is Born’ song

"There’s really no place in that movie for that song"

Father John Misty has performed his song that was rejected for the A Star Is Born soundtrack.

The ‘God’s Favorite Customer’ singer revealed that his original track was cut from the Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper-starring film.

Father John, aka Josh Tillman, closed his show at Minnesota’s Armory in Minneapolis on Friay (June 14) with the live debut of his rejected movie tune.

Consequence of Sound reports that he opened with a few lines from the song,  pausing to tell the audience: “I’m trying to remember my A Star is Born song.”

“As long as you got yours, baby I can go and get mine/ I know it may sound cruel, inconvenient for you and ugly/ but I’m too handsome to sit and hide./ You tell me what’s a man to do when a man done lost all his pride,” he sang to the audience. The song starts in the below video at: 1:20:36.

After performing the song, Tillman inferred that the dismissal of the song from the final movie cut didn’t bother him.

Instead, he joked: “There’s really no place in that movie for that song. Unless he was bombing at Coachella or something. The sequel? Now we’re talking.”

Father John Misty is currently in the middle of his co-headline June tour with Jason Isbell & the 400 Unit.