Watch FKA Twigs catch a night bus in intimate ‘Thank You Song’ video

It's the final instalment in the artist's 'CAPRIVIDS' visual series

FKA Twigs has shared the intimate new music video for her track ‘Thank You Song’ – you can watch the clip below.

The video is the final part of the artist’s ‘CAPRIVIDS’ series, a collection of “short and punchy” visuals to accompany the tracks on her January mixtape ‘CAPRISONGS’.

Directed by Aidan Zamiri, the London night bus-set video for ‘Thank You Song’ has been released this afternoon (May 4) to round off the ‘CAPRIVIDS’ series.


“The ‘CAPRIVID’ for ‘Thank You Song’ is incredibly intimate,” Twigs explained in a statement about the clip, which you can watch below. “To me, it’s about embracing ones demons and finding things that are individual about one’s self, to make your life better.

“The song to me is very personal – it’s really about thanking the person or even the aspect of yourself that’s got all of us through a really challenging couple of years… socially, financially, culturally.”

Twigs added: “I guess in a nutshell, ‘Thank You Song’ is about riding with one’s inner demons and embracing them. Those demons can become your angel if you let it.”

The video for ‘Thank You Song’ follows on from recent Twigs clips for the songs ‘Which Way’, ‘Honda’ and ‘Oh My Love’.


Twigs, who was presented with the award for Godlike Genius at this year’s BandLab NME Awards, has been nominated for Best Contemporary Song at The Ivors, which will take place on May 19 in London.