Watch Flea from Red Hot Chili Peppers deliver epic 15-minute bass and trumpet solo

Here's Flea...

Flea from Red Hot Chili Peppers got a rare chance to show off his solo talents last week, as he performed a 15-minute solo set.

The bassist from the Californian rock icons performed alongside Patti Smith at the Pathway to Paris concert in Los Angeles, which focused on “the potential for cities to push for, achieve and go beyond the climate targets highlighted in the Paris agreement.”

During the set, Flea was seen recording live bass and trumpet, before continually looping the impressive arrangement. You can watch the whole set below.

Posting on Twitter after the set, he wrote: “Happy in my heart I had the opportunity to play for for Pathways To Paris this weekend.

“I love trees, water, air, bluebirds with those little crowns on their heads.”

Meanwhile, Flea is set to publish his memoir later this month (September 25). Acid For The Children will tell the musician’s “fascinating life story, complete with all the dizzying highs and the gutter lows you’d expect from an LA street rat turned world-famous rock star”, according to an official synopsis.

It was also recently confirmed that Red Hot Chili Peppers are about to start work on their next record.

Speaking to the New York Post during a New York Fashion Week event, Kiedis confirmed the band are set to re-enter the recording studio in two weeks time, where they will begin work on an album.