Watch Foals’ elaborate new video for their latest single ‘2AM’

The clip sees the band team up with Lil Nas X and Cardi B collaborator Tanu Muiño

Foals have shared the video for their latest single ‘2am’, which opens with frontman Yannis Philippakis out drinking before he’s then dragged into wild – and elaborately choreographed – hedonism.

The clip was directed by Tanu Muiño, best known for her work on pop megahits like Lil Nas X‘s ‘Montero (Call Me By Your Name)’ and Cardi B‘s ‘Up‘. It was filmed in Muiño’s home city of Kiev, and features an entirely Ukrainian crew.

“We love Tanu’s work. It wasn’t a collaboration we would’ve predicted, but I met up with Tanu in London, we hit it off and decided to work together,” said Philippakis.


“The moment I spoke to Tanu she was interested in the repetition of the lyrics, which is symbolic of being stuck in repeated patterns of bad behaviour. She wanted to visualise that with labyrinths and maze-like loops.”

Muiño added: “Foals are one of my favourite bands, so this project was a dream to work on with Yannis. The labyrinth idea came from playing the track on repeat and the visuals came together when I met with Yannis. We connected on the creative, which is the ideal situation in videos to have him explain the meaning behind the track and the inspiration of the song.

“The more we spoke, the more the idea revealed itself. We felt the repetition of being stuck in the same place, the same life, the same situations all felt like being trapped in a labyrinth/maze that you are constantly wanting to exit and find a resolution for – you keep trying until you unlock it!”

The single arrived last week, along with full details of Foals’ upcoming new album ‘Life Is Yours’.


It is the follow-up to last year’s single ‘Wake Me Up’, which landed at Number 12 in NME‘s 50 best songs of 2021 list and was described as “the spiritual sequel to dancier moments like ‘My Number’ and ‘In Degrees’, but in truth it’s the fully realised disco infiltrator they’ve always threatened to write”.

With their seventh studio album in the pipeline, Foals are set to embark on a UK headline tour in April. It follows a bill-topping appearance at last summer’s All Points East festival in London.

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