Watch Foo Fighters’ disco video for their cover of the Bee Gees’ ‘You Should Be Dancing’

Catch the Dee Gees in full disco flow

Foo Fighters have shared a new performance video for their cover of the Bee Gees’ ‘You Should Be Dancing’ – you can watch their rendition of the disco classic below.

The clip of the cover comes ahead of the Foos’ release of ‘Hail Satin’ – under their disco alter-ego the Dee Gees – on Friday (July 17) for Record Store Day.

After previously performing the Bee Gees’ 1976 song on BBC Radio 2 back in February and during their Madison Square Garden show last month, Foo Fighters – or the Dee Gees – have now shared a full performance video for their rendition of ‘You Should Be Dancing’.


The clip sees Dave Grohl and his bandmates performing the disco track while backed by a group of singers as flashing fluorescent lights further brighten the spectacle.

You can watch Foo Fighters’ – sorry, the Dee Gees’ – cover of ‘You Should Be Dancing’ above.

Speaking about why they chose to cover ‘You Should Be Dancing’ back in February for BBC Radio 2, Grohl explained: “Somebody said, ​‘Hey, have you seen that Bee Gees documentary?’ And I was like the last person on earth – the only person that hadn’t seen it! So I was like, ​‘Why don’t we just do a Bee Gees song?’ And someone was just like, ​‘OK… how do you wanna do it?!’ And I said: ​‘Well, let’s do it like the Bee Gees.’

“We started recording the instrumental track, and then I thought, ​‘OK, well I’m gonna go out and sing it…’ and let me tell you: I have never, ever in my life sung like that, but it was the easiest song I have ever sung in my entire life!”


Last week saw Foo Fighters share a short film titled The Day The Music Came Back, documenting the band’s recent New York gig at Madison Square Garden.

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