Watch Frank Iero parody Joe Jonas’ claim that My Chemical Romance are reuniting

“Apparently the Ramones are playing down the hall from us in Moscow!”

A few weeks back, Joe Jonas kicked off a wave of speculation about a possible My Chemical Romance reunion. Frank Iero has since denied the rumours, and now, a video has emerged of the MCR guitarist parodying Jonas’ would-be reveal.

In an interview with KISS FM last month, the Jonas Brother had claimed My Chemical Romance were rehearsing next to them. “I’ve got some dirt,” said the pop star. “My Chemical Romance were apparently rehearsing next to us in New York recently, which – I thought they broke up, so… that’s the gossip!”

And it looks like simply rubbishing that rumour wasn’t quite enough for Iero. A short video posted to Thursday drummer Tucker Rule’s Instagram showed Iero – with duct tape slapped across his forehead to caricature Jonas’ woolly eyebrows – parodying the JoBro’s interview.


“Hey! Got a little dirt for ya! A little scoopy-poop,” a wide-eyed Iero says to the camera (no prizes for catching the Kanye West reference). “Apparently the Ramones are playing down the hall from us in Moscow! Thought those guys were supposed to be dead or something. Don’t know what that’s about!”

Rule’s original Instagram Story has expired, but you can watch the clip here, as saved and posted by Twitter user @JumbledFandoms on Tuesday (July 9):

Iero had previously dismissed the MCR reunion rumours in an interview with the Asbury Park Press, saying, “I survived a bus accident, so anything is possible.”

In February, MCR frontman Gerard Way had also shot down the possibility of a reunion. “We definitely get offers regularly to reunite – it’s a constant thing… It’s flattering, it’s really nice of people… I miss playing with the guys, but I don’t think so,” he told The Guardian.