Watch Frank Turner play set of Frightened Rabbit songs and debut new song about Scott Hutchison

The livestream was part of a series of gigs to support the Tiny Changes charity

Frank Turner played a Facebook livestream this weekend, performing a set of Frightened Rabbit songs and debuting a new track written about the band’s late frontman Scott Hutchison.

The stream came as part of a weekend of online gigs raising money for an emergency COVID-19 relief fund.

Introducing the stream, Turner said: “These are my versions of these songs, and there’s no part of me that would ever think I would play them as well as Scott would’ve played them.”


He went on to play tracks from across the Scottish band’s career, including ‘The Modern Leper’, ‘Holy’, ‘Swim Until You Can’t See Land’ and ‘Head Rolls Off’.

Discussing his friendship with Hutchison, Turner said: “Scott and I were friends. We became friends at a point when both of our careers were kind of taking off, and it was a cool friendship in the sense that there’s not many people who do what I do for a living, and to have someone to bounce stories and ideas and insecurities and worries and doubts off was a hugely helpful thing for me, and maybe for him, too.”

Playing ‘State Hospital’, a song off Frightened Rabbit’s 2013 album ‘Pedestrian Verse’, Turner said: “When he was working on this record, he sent me an advance copy of it, and I called him back and told him to go fuck himself because it was so good, it didn’t leave any space for the rest of us.

During the set, Turner also debuted a new song written about the late Hutchison. Turner spoke about how he “had a very lucid dream about my friend who had recently left us, and it turned into a song.

“I have sent a copy of the song to [Frightened Rabbit drummer and Scott’s brother] Grant in the past and got his blessing for it… or at least I think I did. He said it was cool for me to do the song, which is important, because this is quite a heavy song.”


Turner went on to reveal that the song, tentatively titled ‘Song For Scott’, will be on his next studio album, “whenever that is,” calling it his favourite of the batch of new songs he’s written.

Other artists contributing to the Tiny Gigs weekend in support of Tiny Changes were  The Charlatans’ Tim BurgessBill Ryder-JonesThe StavesMatt Maltese and many more.

Fans are invited to donate what they can to Tiny Changes, a mental health charity supporting young people in Scotland in the name of Scott Hutchison.

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