Watch Georgia and Yung Baby Tate fly through a 3D dreamscape in new ‘Feel It’ remix video

Featuring detailed 3D captures of both artists

Georgia has returned with a animated video for the remix of her single ‘Feel It’ featuring Yung Baby Tate.

The clip, created by Haoyan of America and Afuttersak, features elaborate 3D captures of both artists, as they fly through a dreamscape on the wings of a plane branded with a fictional airline, named after the song.

At some points, the background blends with real life footage of cities, tunnels and skylines. At the end of the clip, the pair skydive into what appears to be a giant ear.


Watch it below:

‘Feel It’ is taken from Georgia’s second album, ‘Seeking Thrills’, released at the beginning of this year.

In a four-star review, NME said the record “leaves you with the overwhelming sense of a music buff whose work transcends its influences through its author’s evangelical self-belief and faith that the dancefloor can bring people together”.

In an interview, she also revealed she was working on new music, likely to come out next year.


“I feel quite excited actually about where I’m going to take the sound next,” Georgia told NME.

“I’m in a really great place right now where ‘Seeking Thrills’ was just such a joy to make. I really didn’t have to suffer. People say that you have to suffer to make great art. I didn’t really feel like I was suffering throughout – I was just on a mission to create something that I really wanted to create.”