Watch Goldie Lookin Chain perform their Paul Weller-themed sea shanty ‘WELLEND’

"Spent all his money at the hair salon trying to look just like Paul Weller"

Goldie Lookin Chain have shared ‘WELLEND’, their sea shanty parody which lampoons certain fans of Paul Weller – you can watch their version below.

The Newport comedy hip-hop group are the latest act to get in on the current TikTok sea shanty craze, which has seen the singing style go viral this month largely due to postman Nathan Evans’ rendition of ‘Wellerman’.

Goldie Lookin Chain’s Rhys Hutchings has now shared his take on ‘Wellerman’ with ‘WELLEND’, which specifically mocks those Weller fans who have copied the musician’s mod-style hair cut over the years.


Stuck in the past and he loves dad-rock, because he wants to be Paul Weller,” one line goes, before the chorus continues: “So here the Wellerman comes, you can’t stop laughing when you see one / Spent all his money at the hair salon trying to look just like Paul Weller“.

You can watch Goldie Lookin Chain’s sea shanty ‘WELLEND’ in the above clip.

Other figures to partake in the sea shanty craze recently include Channel 4 News presenter Jon Snow, US TV host Jimmy Fallon and Glass Animals.

Weller, meanwhile, confirmed last month that he had rescheduled his March tour dates for November and December due to the coronavirus pandemic.


Back in July Weller became only the third artist to top the UK album chart in five consecutive decades, alongside Paul McCartney and John Lennon.

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