“Don’t be a fucking meanie”: Watch Gordon Ramsay show Lil Nas X how to make a panini

In reference to the single from his ‘7’ EP

While on a recent trip to London, Lil Nas X got a panini-making lesson from none other than Gordon Ramsay. Now, you can watch a video of their delicious encounter.

It all started with a light-hearted tweet from Nas X last month on the guest he’d like to jump on a remix of ‘Panini’, a single from his recently released ‘7’ EP:

He then asked Ramsay for a panini-making lesson while he was in London, and they swiftly made plans on Twitter.

In the video, which the celebrity chef uploaded to his YouTube channel yesterday (July 7), Nas X reveals that he had never prepared a proper panini before. Ramsay shows the young musician how to put the grilled sandwich together in the kitchen of Lucky Cat, his restaurant in London. Watch the light-hearted clip below:

Before Ramsay’s ‘remix’ of the track, ‘Panini’ was most notable for interpolating a melody from ‘In Bloom’ by Nirvana. In a tweet last month, Nas X thanked Frances Bean Cobain, ostensibly for her help in clearing the sample:

Meanwhile, Nas X’s hit song ‘Old Town Road’ recently became the longest-running US hip-hop number one of all time, edging out songs by Eminem, The Black Eyed Peas and Wiz Khalifa.