Watch Grimes in animated story video ‘Grimes On The Mississippi’

It retells the story of the musician travelling down the river in a houseboat

Grimes appears in animated form in a new short story video series, Drawn & Recorded.

The series retells stories from famous artists including the likes of Kurt Cobain, ODB, Neil Young, and T.I. 

Grimes On The Mississippi recounts the time Grimes and friend William Gratz travelled down the Mississippi River on a 20-foot DIY houseboat. The boat was named the Velvet Glove Cast In Iron, while Grimes and Gratz renamed themselves Veruschka and Zelda Xox for the voyage.



The pair took live chickens and 20 pounds of potatoes on the trip. The short animation is narrated by T-Bone Burnett and was animated and directed by Drew Christie. Watch a trailer for it above.

Last month, Grimes – whose real name is Claire Boucher – provided another update on her progress with new music, saying she has “so many songs” and a “deep well of shit” to work with.

In an Instagram comment to a fan, the artist said she had just taken “a month off” and that “a lot of insane shit went down and I’m reorienting my life.”

“I think now I’m screwing my head back on,” she said. “Can finish [the album] fast and I have a deep well of shit this time, like sooooo many songs so after my album I’ll be able to consistently release more music.”

Grimes hasn’t released an album since 2015’s ‘Art Angels’. In a review of the record at the time, NME said: “By embracing the pop orthodoxy, you might argue that Boucher has sacrificed some of what made her seem so alien when 4AD debut ‘Visions’ emerged from the ether back in 2012, but rest assured: she’s still laughing and not being normal, only this time, it’s all the way to the bank.”

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