Watch Haim dress up as Hanson for ‘HaimBop’ Halloween video

happy HAIMoween, everybody...

Haim have gotten into the Halloween spirit by dressing up as their fellow sibling trio Hanson.

The LA sister outfit, who returned in July with comeback single ‘Summer Girl‘, are set to further preview their upcoming third album with another new song today (October 30).

Teasing the imminent ‘Now I’m In It’, which has been described as “the most haim haimy haim song ever”, Danielle and co. fully embraced spooky season in a fun new video.


In the clip, Haim – donning blonde wigs – are seen miming along to Hanson’s ’90s smash ‘MmmBop’ in their rehearsal space. “happy HAIMoween,” they wrote to their followers in the caption, while promising that the new single is a “HAIMMMMMMMMbop”.

They conclude the post by signing off, naturally, as “HAIMson”. See the tweet below.

Haim, meanwhile, have shared the inspiration behind ‘Now I’m In It’ by explaining that it addresses the band’s experiences in battling depression.

“For my sisters and I, there have been times in our lives where we have felt like we are stuck in a dark hole,” wrote lead singer Danielle on Instagram. “This track speaks to that emotion.”


The singer went on to describe the song as “chaotic – like my mind when I’m spiralling. Fast-talking to myself – words jumbled up. Heartbeat racing.”

Haim’s previous LP, ‘Something to Tell You’, was released in July 2017. In a four-star review, NME said: “Haim remain slaves to the rhythm, but this time they’re leading the way.”