Watch ‘Hamilton’ musical director play all of The Beatles’ ‘Abbey Road’ in just 50 seconds

Alex Lacamoire performed the feat at Abbey Road studios, obviously.

The musical director of Hamilton, Alex Lacamoire, has played the whole of The Beatles‘ classic album ‘Abbey Road’ in a new 50 second video –  performing the feat at Abbey Road Studios.

Lacamoire performed the album on a piano originally used by The Beatles, which is kept at Abbey Road Studios where they made the album in 1969.

It’s not the first time Lacamoire has managed to play condensed versions of classic albums in under a minute. He has previously played Billy Joel’s 1977 album ‘The Stranger’ in this manner.

Lacamoire told Rolling Stone: “‘Abbey Road’ is in my head. I just needed to make sure that the way I remembered these songs from when I was six-years-old is the way they are.”

‘Abbey Road’ was released 50 years ago, on September 26, 1969. A deluxe reissue of the album was released today (September 27). It features a new mix by Giles Martin, based on the original master tapes produced by his father, George Martin. The package also adds 23 demos and alternative versions of songs recorded for ‘Abbey Road’.

To celebrate the reissue, The Beatles have released the first ever official video for ‘Here Comes The Sun’ from the album.

Following the success of Hamilton, Lacamoire is currently musical director of The Wrong Man, an off-Broadway show featuring songs written by Ross Golan, a songwriter who has penned songs for Nicki Minaj, Pink and Justin Bieber.

Speaking of his experience on playing on The Beatles’ original piano, Lacamoire said: ““That piano has so much vibe on it. You can sense when energy is coming out of inanimate objects. It was kind-of an otherworldly experience. There’s definitely some kind of magic coming out of there.”