Watch JME and Giggs parody reminding English public to wear face masks

"I got a black face mask but I don't sneeze/ But I wear one in case a policeman sees"

Comedian Munya Chawawa has shared a new parody video in order to remind people to wear face masks in public during the coming weeks.

The government announced last week that face coverings in England would be mandatory in enclosed public spaces from July 24, including supermarkets, indoor shopping centres, transport hubs, banks and post offices. Those who break the rules could face a fine of up to £100.

Doing his bit to remind people of the new rules, Chawawa, who has shared a number of comedy clips during the coronavirus lockdown, has put together a public service announcement that sees him parodying the JME and Giggs track ‘Man Don’t Care’.


I got a black face mask but I don’t sneeze/ But I wear one in case a policeman sees,” he begins, rapping as JM(PP)E. “If one of you cough near me/ You better cover your mouth with a clean hanky.

Later on the track, Chawawa turns his attention to Giggs, rapping under the moniker COVIGGS.

Have you got a mask?” COVIGGS asks himself. “Man’s been wearing all that/ I just gotta ask, germs everywhere and all that.

He then turns his attention to the British prime minister: “This should have been immediate/ Boris’ an old school idiot/ Even the local fiends don’t wanna get coughs and wheezes.

Watch the clip below:



Meanwhile, JME recently shared a new video for his track ‘Pricks’.

The song features on the Boy Better Know co-founder’s 2019 album ‘Grime MC’, though the project was not made available on digital platforms upon its initial release.

Since the start of this year, however, he’s been periodically uploading tracks from ‘Grime MC’ to streaming services, including ‘Nang’, ‘Issmad’, ’96 of My Life’, ‘You Watch Me’ and more.