Hobo Johnson attends a “surrealist pool party” in the video for new single ‘Typical Story’

His first new material since 2017

Hobo Johnson has shared his new single ‘Typical Story’, complete with a video that sees a Los Angeles pool party take a significantly surreal turn.

The video, which you can see below, finds Johnson partying before guests begin to morph into monsters, and which later features some extremely creepy faceswapping.


The musician, real name Frank Lopez, describes the video as “my somewhat surrealist view of a Los Angeles pool party, which I have never got invited to.”

He continues: ‘Typical Story’ is one of the songs on the album that came together pretty quickly. I think people will see it as an evolution. I’m really proud of it.

“If I had to describe what it sounds like to me, it’s like if you took the cream that rises to the top and then let that cream sit and rise to the top and separated it again and then let that cream rise to the top and you scooped up that goodness…it sounds a bit like that final layer of cream once you turn it all the way up.”

The musician is currently gearing up for one of his biggest UK shows to date, with a headline slot at Reading and Leeds‘ Festival Republic Stage.

‘Typical Story’ is his first new material since 2017’s surprise smash hit album ‘The Rise of Hobo Johnson’.