Watch Jesse Leach trade vocals with ex-frontman Howard Jones in Killswitch Engage’s ‘The Signal Fire’ video

“This video is a demonstration of solidarity and unity. "

Killswitch Engage have joined forces with ex-frontman Howard Jones in the new video for their single ‘The Signal Fire’.

The track and video sees Jones trading vocals with current singer Jesse Leach. It appears on the metal band’s new album ‘Atonement’ which finally arrived last week.

The furious clip sees Jones delivering his trademark growls, before Leach’s vocals can be heard on the song’s epic chorus.


Describing the video, directed by Blood for Blood’s Ian McFarland, Leach said: “This video is a demonstration of solidarity and unity. This is for the fans and this is our testimony to all who see this video.”

“In these times we live in, I believe this is an important message – not just for us as a band and our fans but for all of humanity. This is a call for compassion and understanding. There is strength in unity.”

He adds: “The making of the video was a great experience as well. Just all of us guys hanging out and having fun together. Ian McFarland did a hell of a job capturing the vibe and energy of our performances.”

The reunion with Jones was confirmed last year, after health issues previously forced him to leave in 2012. 


“Today was epic, it was HUGE for the legacy of Killswitch,” Leach wrote at the time.

““It was fun and it felt like what we were doing was important. I plan on using this song to help continue to raise awareness for mental health and suicide prevention. Both Howard and I have a very strong outspoken stance on the subject and I will use this to help with the cause!”