Watch J. Cole rap over Drake’s ‘Pipe Down’ beat in ‘Heaven’s EP’ video

The new track arrives four months after Cole's most recent album, 'The Off-Season'

J. Cole has shared a music video for surprise new single ‘Heaven’s EP’ – watch it below.

The new track arrives barely four months after the rapper’s most recent album, ‘The Off-Season’, and is also remarkable for being the latest in a dizzying chain of samples.

While the beat in ‘Heaven’s EP’ identifiably belongs to ‘Pipe Down’ from Drake’s latest album ‘Certified Lover Boy’, as Stereogum point out, ‘Pipe Down’ itself sampled Lil Wayne’s ‘Pussy Money Weed,’ which sampled OutKast’s ‘Jazzy Belle’, which sampled ‘Prelude’ by Lamont Dozier, ‘Cell Therapy’ by Goodie Mob, and ‘It’s Yours’ by T La Rock & Jazzy Jay, the latter of which sampled Uncle Louie’s ‘I Like Funky Music’.


The ‘Heaven’s EP’ video was directed by Simon Chasalow, and features Cole across a number of locations in Las Vegas.

It appears Cole is fully focused on music again now after leaving the Rwanda Patriots earlier this year (May 26), citing “family obligations” for his departure from the basketball side.

It was revealed that the rapper/professional baller had fulfilled his contractual obligation to the African Basketball League team after playing in three games. Cole finished his contract at the team with five points, three assists, and five rebounds.

In a two-star review of ‘Certified Lover Boy’, which features the newly J. Cole-sampled ‘Pipe Down’, NME wrote: “If Drake feels like the weight of the world is upon him, as he suggests on ‘Champagne Poetry’, ‘Certified Lover Boy’ is not going to go any way towards blasting away that burden. It offers nothing new to the rapper’s canon, merely going through the motions on his old formulas instead.


“If Drake really wants to enter a new golden age, he’s going to have to be a lot more creative – and tough with his editing – to make it happen. Right now, though, his spark is rapidly burning out.”